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Hello,My name is Glen D. Gore. My DOB is on 27th of April 1960.I am 5'7 feet tall and weight 195 lbs.
I have brown hair and brown eyes.
I love all kinds of music and I love to work out and run.
I am half Indian half White.
Glen Gore # 153663 H-Unit
P.O. Box 97
McAlester, OK

Taken From : ALIVE e.V.Voices From Inside
Alast Update: 07.05.05(c) ALIVE e.V.Glen Gore# 153663H-UnitP.O. Box 97 McAlester, OK 74502 USA

O.K. now that I have your attention I will tell you what this is about. I have been getting a lot of questions about Glen Gore. The comments are also very interesting. I thought I would post Glen Gores' address so my many readers, say about 13,000, can personally ask and make their comments to him directly. I am sure most woman would not like to communicate with him because he raped and murdered Debbie Sue Carter in a heinous way....

I'm sure he would be happy to hear from all of you!

You can also read more about the case in 2 bestsellers," Journey Toward Justice", author Dennis Fritz 2006 and "The Innocent Man", author John Grisham 2006.

Dennis Fritz and Ron Williamson were charged with the rape and murder.

Glen Gore was the key witness for the prosecutor, Bill Peterson. Gore testified that he saw Williamson with the victim the night she died. He was the only witness to connect them.

Fritz was wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder in Ada, Oklahoma, and sentenced to life. A vote from a single juror saved him from the death penalty. Dennis Fritz's co-defendant, Ronnie Williamson, subject of John Grisham's bestselling "The Innocent Man" was sentenced to death. In April of 1999, both men were exonerated with the help of Barry Scheck and irrefutable DNA evidence. Ronald Williamson was exonerated five days before his scheduled execution. Both Fritz and Williamsom spent 12 tortuous years behind bars. Mr. Williamson died five years after he was freed from prison.

Also from case law at Here is the part about Glen Gore>
case law at

1 Appellant Dennis Leon Fritz was tried by jury and convicted of Murder in the First Degree (21 O.S. 1981 § 701.7 [21-701.7]) in Case No. CRF-87-90, in the District Court of Pontotoc County. The jury recommended life imprisonment and the trial court sentenced accordingly. From this judgment and sentence Appellant has perfected this appeal. We affirm. ¶2 On December 8, 1982, twenty-one (21) year old Debbie Carter was found dead in her garage apartment in Ada, Oklahoma. 1 She was discovered by her father who had come to check on her at her mother's request, fearing that something might be wrong. Walking up the stairs to the second floor apartment, Mr. Carter observed glass covering the landing and the screen door and front door standing wide open. Walking through to the bedroom, he found Debbie's body laying face down on the floor with a washcloth stuck in her mouth. The police were called and the investigation into the murder began.
¶3 Detective Dennis Smith, Ada Police Department, was among the first to arrive at the scene and found that the apartment showed signs of a struggle. Broken glass was found on both the inside and outside of the front door. In the living room, the sofa cushions and a nightgown were on the floor. On the wall, written in what was later determined to be fingernail polish, were the words "Jim Smith next will die". On top of the kitchen table was written "don't look force us or ealse" (sic). Approaching the bedroom, he saw the bed blocking the entry into the room. The room was in complete disarray with clothing, sheets, blankets and stuffed animals on the floor. Debbie Carter's body, nude except for a pair of white socks, was on the floor between the bed and the wall. Written on her back in catsup were the words "Duke Graham". Written on her chest in fingernail polish was the word "die". A blood soaked washcloth was stuffed into her mouth and down her throat. Underneath the body was an electric cord and a belt. The bathroom, connected to the bedroom, showed no signs of a disturbance.
¶4 The results of an autopsy, performed on December 9, 1982, by Fred Jordan of the Medical Examiner's Office showed numerous bruises on the decedent's face, arms and body, several of which were defensive wounds. Small puncture wounds were also discovered on her nose and cheeks. The inside of her lips and mouth were cut and a semi-circular ligature mark was found on her neck. An internal examination revealed internal bruising and a small metal bottle cap inside her rectum. The cause of death was found to be suffocation as a result of the washcloth in her mouth and the ligature tightened around her neck.

Dennis Fritz now works with the Innocence Project in Kansas City, Missouri
On the Board of Directors of Truth in Justice's and is a co-host for Truth in Justice Radio, broadcasted on WTKM Radio from Hartford, Wisconsin, 104.9 FM, 1540 AM, He makes appearances related to "the innocence movement" nationwide. He is using a book he recently published, "Journey Toward Justice", as a vehicle to bring awareness of the overall, devastating effects of how false convictions can destroy people's lives and how mistakes can be made in cases. He travels the United States speaking to law schools and also hopes to reach prosecutors and judges. You can find his book here

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Anonymous said...

Have just read "The Innocent Man" and can safely say I am thankful that i live in the UK where the justice system seem's to work better then the US. I'm afraid to say if i was on the jury in Glen's case he would have received the death penalty. I think Jon Crisham did a fantastic job in telling this story and have recommended to many friends as a must read, due to the incompetence of the US justice system. To this note Tommy and Karl are innocent and must be released.

M. Clark said...

I just finished reading Dennis Fritz's book,Journey Toward Justice. It was fantastic and should be required reading for every prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this could happen in the 20th century!! What about Tommy and Karl - is someone fighting for them? I have just finished reading "The Innocent Man" and cannot put this out of my mind. Is there not something we can do? This must be stopped!!

Jenneke Burgers said...

I am from the Netherlands and have just finished the book 'The innocent man'. An appaling story. I really hope Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot and all other innocent convicts will receive justice in the future, maybe through presidential intervenance.

Geraldine said...

An appalling story. I am shocked, especially because the innocent men risked being killed for something they did not do. I hope Ward and Fontenot eventually get some justice. It's shameful!

Jean Louis ZANNI said...

Je viens de terminer de lire le livre de John GRISHAM "l'accusé" en Francais ou "the innocent man" en Anglais.Ce livre est passionnant et prenant, mais malheureusement ce n'est pas de la fiction, mais retrace des faits réels. Encore BRAVO à ceux qui ont participés à leurs libérations, ainsi qu'à leurs soeurs.