Friday, August 17, 2007

Denise Brown's Radio Show and Blog

Yesterday I did a piece on O.J. Simpson and the Goldman's Book "It I Did It". Today I would like to share some news about Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown. Denise is starting a production for a talk show. She will be rolling around America talking to people with domestic violence issues and solutions.
Denise would like to hear from people on what they think good topics would be. Denise designated this space
here to help her out.
From her blog called,
Denise Brown’s Blog - Making A Difference One Day At A Time, there is a place where you can ask and get a response from her. She does add this:
I’ll answer almost anything that is presented with respect and sincerity. Go ahead ask me anything … but remember I have the power to delete your question before anyone else see’s it, so don’t waste your time or mine asking something you know won’t get a response.

I would like to mention also in my blog the Nicole Brown Foundation you can reach by clicking on here

May God Bless the Brown Family and may they find peace on their own "Journey Toward Justice"

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