Saturday, November 29, 2008

DENNIS FRITZ at Buena Vista University

ACES brings wrongfully convicted man to campus(click here for story)
The wrongfully convicted man is Dennis Fritz. Here is more about the college:
Buena Vista University - BVU Ranked Among America’s Best Colleges.
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Buena Vista University has been named a top school in the U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges 2009" publication. In the Midwestern Comprehensive Colleges - Bachelor's category, BVU is ranked 12th for academic quality. BVU received the same ranking in the 2008 edition.

"America's Best Colleges 2009" formulates this rating through an accumulation of data on a peer assessment test, freshman retention rate, graduation rate, class size and student/faculty ratio. It also takes into account the percentage of full time faculty, the ratio of students who were in the 25 to 75 percentile on their ACT and SAT scores, and the percentage of freshman in the top 25 percent of their graduating class.

READ MORE: Dennis Fritz On His Journey Toward Justice - Fritz Is One Of The Main Characters in John Grisham's Book "The Innocent Man" ONWARD TO STORM LAKE, IOWA click here

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dennis Fritz On His Journey Toward Justice - Fritz Is One Of The Main Characters in John Grisham's Book "The Innocent Man"


On November 17, 2008, Dennis Fritz ( author of Journey Toward Justice ), drove to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa—upon invitation from Lisa Wagner, (Technical Services and Event’s Director at Buena Vista), to share his powerful story at the long awaited, anticipated event.

Storm Lake, Iowa, is a small-nestled township within the northwest section of the State. The flavor and charm of the town is the Lake itself. In the summer months, Storm Lake is the main attraction to many local and out-of-area tourists. One can sense a somewhat mysterious aura that the lake projects—perhaps, as to some long-ago, un-talked about secrets that only the lake can tell.

On the northern edge of the city, the structures of Buena Vista University give birth within, to a highly regimented educative process. Although there are approximately 5000 students at Buena Vista, the students and staff are very closely united, thus allowing a greater one-on-one communication between themselves.
With a sparkle in his eye and a noticeable sense of confidence within himself, Mr. Fritz shared his shocking story with two, back-to-back criminology classes, under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Hays­—who is the Assistant Professor of Criminology.

In 1999, Mr. Fritz was released from prison, after having spent 12 long, torturous years for a charged 1st Degree Capital Murder that he did not commit or know anything about, whatsoever! Most people would have been emotionally and permanently damaged if they had been exposed to what Dennis went through. Because of his great inner strength and faith in the Lord, Dennis has overcome the towering obstacles of great pain and suffering, and was still able to put his life back together and move forward in such a dramatic and positive way. Dennis is admired by everyone that he comes in contact with.

Dennis is one of the two main characters in John Grisham’s best selling book, The Innocent Man. Dennis’
book, Journey Toward Justice, is truly recognized as THE companion book to Grisham’s 1st non-fiction work of art. John and Dennis travel the country and do fundraisers together to help raise money for Innocence Projects across the U.S.
In addition, Dennis travels extensively on his own, in sharing his story with an array of various groups across the nation. Being a certified board member for the Midwestern Innocence Project in Kansas City, Missouri, allows Dennis many opportunities to bring about a greater awareness as to the devastating impact of false convictions.

Dennis Fritz took the stage to an audience of around 200+ people. His outright manner, and perfected speaking abilities, put everyone in awe—as to the living nightmare out of hell that he and his family had to suffer through. When Dennis speaks, he can make you cry—and then, in the end—make you laugh with nothing but sheer joy in your heart. Following his talk, Dennis, as usual, autographed his books while warmly greeting everyone. In his modest way, Dennis always says, “I am on a mission to simply bring about a much greater awareness as to how false convictions can destroy someone’s life—as well as, tearing at the very fabric of our moral and legal society.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dennis Fritz Speaks At The National Association of Legal Secretaries Regional Conference

Dennis Fritz ( Author of Journey Toward Justice ), and Jay Swearingen ( Executive Director of the Midwestern Innocence Project ), were selected among other invited guests, to speak at the 6th annual NALS ( National Association of Legal Secretaries ) regional conference, in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conference started off with a bang, as Jay Swearingen gave his power point presentation to over 60 female professional secretaries. Jay is an excellent speaker, who captured everyones attention, concerning the overall duties and responsibilities of the Midwestern Innocence Project.

The special guest speaker, Dennis Fritz, took the microphone and told his harrowing story of having spent 12 long, nightmarish years in an Oklahoma penitentiary for being falsely convicted of 1st Degree Capital Murder. The viewing audience was overwhelmed by his detailed description of the sheer madness that he and his family suffered through. Mr. Fritz has now become the leading speaker in the nation on wrongful convictions. His easy-going and mild-manner personality, conveyed the horrendous amounts of injustice from being in a nightmare out of hell.

Following a thunderous round of applause, Mr. Fritz autographed copies of his book,
Journey Toward Justice while visiting with each and every attendee in the group. Dennis Fritz and John Grisham travel around the country doing fundraisers for several Innocence Projects throughout the U.S. Dennis is one of the two main characters in Johns 1st non-fiction book, The Innocent Man. Dennis always says, "that it is such a great pleasure and honor to share his story, to bring about a much-needed greater awareness as to the impact of false convictions.