Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kudos To Walter D. Smith Wrongfully Incarcerted 11 Years Now Motivational Speaker and Professional Body Builder

Walter D. Smith turned adversity into prosperity. "Against All Odds," diligent determination and DNA testing freed this champion. Allow Walter Smith to share his winning ways with you and your audience. Visit his website "Against All Odds,"
More on Walter Smith from The Innocence Project:
Walter D. Smith
Incident Year: 1985
Jurisdiction: OH
Charge: Rape, Kidnapping, Robbery
Conviction: Rape, Kidnapping, Robbery
Sentence: 78-190 Years
Year of Conviction: 1986
Exoneration Date: 11/8/96
Sentence Served: 10 Years
Real perpetrator found? Not Yet
Contributing Causes: Eyewitness misidentification
Compensation? Yes

In July of 1985, while awaiting trial on unrelated charges, Walter D. Smith was identified by three women who had been sexually assaulted several years earlier. Smith plead guilty to the other charges but adamantly denied the accusations of rape.

In 1986, based on the testimony of several eyewitnesses, the jury convicted Smith of rape of two of the three victims and handed down a sentence of 78 - 190 years.Smith continually maintained his innocence and became a model prisoner, completing a drug rehabilitation program and acquiring an associates degree in business from Wilmington College. According to his testimony, Smith started requesting DNA testing in 1987.
When DNA testing was completed in 1996, the results revealed that Smith could not be the perpetrator of these rapes. Independent testing by the Franklin County prosecutor's office confirmed these results and on December 6, 1996, Smith was paroled.
Following his exoneration, Smith successfully sought compensation for the additional five years that he was imprisoned due to the rape convictions. Walter D. Smith is a motivational speaker and professional body builder. Please visit for more information.

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