Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barack Obama Alienates Europeans By Favoring Death Penalty And Right To Bear Arms

In the German news magazine, Deutsche Welle, Michael Knigge blogs about Barack Obama’s stance on the death penalty and the right to bear arms.
About author, Michael Knigge.
Michael has headed up the German editorial team of DW-WORLD.DE since 2004. Previously, he worked as a reporter for the English service of Deutsche Welle Radio, as well as for various news agencies. Michael is an alumni of young professional programs with the Aspen Institute Berlin and the American Council on Germany and he was a Media Fellow at Duke University in 2006.

He studied in Germany and the U.S. and holds a Master's degree in American Studies. Michael is based in Bonn, Germany.
Michael Kniggs has a blog called,"Across the Pond".
Across the Pond is a joint German-American blog about the U.S. election campaign 2008 with a focus on international aspects of the presidential race.

Excerpt from an article titled "Barack Obama Alienates Europeans By Favoring Death Penalty And Right To Bear Arms"

"What is politically interesting is that Obama has arguably switched to the right on two key issues for conservatives in the last week: gun control and the death penalty. Which brings up the old issue of flip-flopping again. Does this make him a flip-flopper or a savvy politician? That probably depends on whether Obama can argue his switch convincingly. What do you think?"

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Leigh said...

Barbara, I'm pleased to discover your site and I admire your dedication.

Thanks also for visiting Criminal Brief.

Keep the lamp of your mission burning, Barbara.

Jimmy Richardson said...

This is what politics and democracy is about, different opinions, arguments, discussion.

YogaforCynics said...

I'd say it makes him a politician, which is what we should expect. Must as I've disagreed and been disappointed by some of Obama's recent shifts including these, I also kind of think that it's necessary for a lot of his supporters to realize that he is not the liberal messiah and not the reincarnation of Martin Luther King (well, actually, he's a few years to old to be that anyway get my point). Anyway, as a (currently dormant--it's a long story) prison activist, I'm glad to see that your blog is here.