Saturday, July 19, 2008

Journey To Justice

Scott Peterson, who has been made famous for the crime against his wife - after he was found guilty of killing her, has a personal website. Canadians Against the Death Penalty has provided a personal website for Scott Peterson, in hopes that it will eventually change the law against the death penalty (according to Scott Peterson's blog and the CCADP.Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (CCADP) ).
Scott included photos of himself and Laci within his blog. CCADP blog offers free web-space to death row inmates.
On his blog Scott Peterson discusses what he considers to be "his wrongful conviction."
Scott Peterson was convicted Nov. 12, 2004, for the 2003 deaths of his wife, Laci, and their unborn child, Connor. Laci Peterson was eight-months pregnant when she died.
Laci was reported missing after her disappearance on Christmas Eve in 2002. Laci's body was found April of 2003 in California's Berkeley Marina. Her unborn baby boy was found washed up miles away.
Scott's personal website is from Death Row - San Quentin, California.

The website includes links to his family's blog entitled Journey To Justice" and a website called
Scott has an entry on his personal page, saying he’s encouraged by the mail he receives. He states he enjoys hearing from people.
His prison mail address is also posted so people can write to him.
Contributors to "Journey to Justice" includes, none-other-then, Scott Peterson, sister Susan Cuadillo and parents Jackie and Lee Peterson. On June 6th, 2008, Scott Peterson's was the first to post on "Journey to Justice." It is titled "Let's Try a Blog".

Blog Excerpt -
"Knowing that there are rational, thoughtful people, willing to look at the evidence, and some so kind as to drop notes of good will or send a small donation has a huge positive impact. We want to have better communication with such great people and it has been suggested that we do a blog." - Scott Peterson, entry from Journey to Justice.

Laci's mother is outraged that her daughter's killer has access to the Internet from inside San Quentin State Prison.
In an interview with CNN’s Larry King, Laci’s mother, Sharon Rocha, said that, "although Scott’s family is entitled to the family blog,
I still feel that it’s not right that Scott has the ability to speak on the Internet through his family or friends or whomever."

What a joke this is ! What about Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot's Case. THEY'RE INNOCENT, and have been in prison for well over a decade-for a murder they did not commit.

View CNN VIDEO HERE Heading - Laci Peterson's mom outraged 5:07
Larry King talks to Laci Peterson's mom who is outraged Scott Peterson is using the internet to proclaim his innocence.

What do you make of the controversy about Scott “blogging” from San Quentin?
You can post comments here on my blog, Barbara's Journey Toward Justice HERE. Would like to hear what you think.


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The death penalty issue in Canada may be on the front burner again on the heels on the gruesome and senseless murder of a young man on a Greyhound bus.