Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Photo Debra Sue Carter

In Memory of Debra Sue Carter

On Dec. 8, 1982, a 21-year-old Ada, Oklahoma woman, named Debra Sue Carter, was raped and killed after she got off work at the Coachlight Club in Ada, Oklahoma. Dennis Fritz, and friend Ron Williamson were arrested for the crime five years later, but were freed from prison in 1999 after DNA evidence matched Glen Gore. The case is detailed in John Grisham's non-fiction bestseller "The Innocent Man," and Dennis Fritz's book.
"Journey Toward Justice".
Dennis Fritz and representatives of the New York-based Innocence Project that helped free Williamson and Fritz, are pushing for state commissions that would look at what mistakes were made in cases where convicts later were exonerated. “I’ll always feel the effects of what a false conviction caused,” said Dennis Fritz, “It’s healed, but the scar’s still there.” As I sit here writing this post, I am listening to a CD a friend gave me as a holiday gift. Here are the words along with a photo of Debra Sue Carter:

No Tears

I was watching from a window in Heaven
You seemed so close yet so far
I could see teardrops falling that you shed for me
I saw you crying, calling out my name
I wanted to hold you, tell you I'm OK

No tears will fall in Heaven
Teardrops aren't welcome up here
No tears will fall in Heaven
There's no sorrow, there's no pain
God wiped my tears away

I was walking down the streets of Heaven
I was singing with the angels round the crystal sea
I was dancing on streets of gold when your memory came to me
I wanted to tell you, though you couldn't see

All the shackles are broken now and I am free

Lyrics-Rick and Lisa Wallace
ASCAP All rights reserved

On April 14 2007 Sgt. Brandon Lee Wallace was killed in Fallujah, Iraq when a road-side bomb detonated near his humvee. While searching for a way to bring comfort and healing to those that knew him, miss him and loved him, on October 3rd, 2007, inspiration struck. "No Tears" came about in a moment of divine inspiration. It started with a couple of phrases penned on an envelope and quickly escalated into melody and lyrics that we believe will bring comfort, healing, and hope to the listener.
This CD is in honor of "OUR HERO"
Sgt. Brandon Wallace

In memory of all Fallen Heroes around the world
Dedicated to all Gold Star families and those still
serving in Uniform
CD by Sgt. Brandon's Father Rick and Wife Lisa Wallace

Sgt. Brandon Wallace


Lou Arnold said...

I am loving your blog. I just finished reading The Innocent Man and become very fascinated in this story. I plan to read Fritz book next.

Dr. T said...

This is proof that DNA evidence should always be used when available, and that every person in prison who has DNA evidence associated with their crime should have the test done automatically -- by law.

Anonymous said...

Being wrongly punished and sent away myself, I picked up interest in this case and must say "Oy vey."

Anonymous said...

I am sadden to see this post. I read the story and was very sad buy the way those two men were convicted and how the police treated them!! I am glad the right man was found. But it took to long. RIP Debbie and Ron...