Friday, December 28, 2007


A CHILD/JUSTICE DENIED/FINALLY FREE ON BOND/MARTY TANKLEFF - A child of only 17, wakes up one morning to prepare for school in his senior year, to find his parents murdered, was falsely accused, convicted, now after 17 yrs, Marty finally is FREE on bond, but to return to court, 1/18/08, before the State Supreme Court Justice Robert W. Doyle.
VIDEO OF RELEASE........... Freedom 'A Dream Come True' Case details .
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Justice Winds.

JUSTICE WINDS - Justice mission for all children, to be safe from harm, protected with mercy and compassion.~~~Far TOO many times, the "so called" legal system causes our "nation's children" to helplessly waste their young lives & tears of despair on a concrete floor with no one to comfort them.~~~ One of the most cruel forms of punishment is "denial of existence"

Quest for Justice Tho I have been an advocate most of my adult life, It has become my life's quest to speak out more about the atrocities against our nation's children.
Far too many suffer so needlessly, mistakes made as a "child". Many with a background of dysfunctional families, drugs, alcohol, abuses, assaults, rapes, molestations and even murdered.
Children under the age of 18 get caught up in trouble with the law, not comprehending the consequences of their actions, NOT knowing their basic law rights, MIRANDA RIGHTS, to remain silent without the presence of an attorney.
Juvenile laws in this nation are so desperately needed to be revised, to help protect children, and treat them as a "child" they are.

Many have received sentencing "AS AN ADULT", of LIFE and LIFE W/NO CHANCE OF PAROLE. This is surely a "slow death", it is still the "death penalty" for them. Am striving to make a difference for them, to let them know they are NOT forgotten, that someone "out here" does care about the human being, they ARE.
Many children are falsely imprisoned due to a "coerced" "false confession". Children "deserve" a "chance" to turn their lives around, an "offer" to become a "productive" member of society.
Juvenile Justice "Reform" is "imperative"!

You're invited to please reference the "educational resource" references listed.
Those who visit here, I hope you will have an open mind, and hope such a travesty of injustice NEVER happens to YOUR child.

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