Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ken Middleton Proven Innocent Remains In Prison For Life

Billboard located on the outskirts of Kansas City, MO.

Barbara's Journey Toward Justice Mailbag
I am writing you about the death of my step-mother and wrongful conviction of my father. My father married my step-mother when I was just 5 years old. They had a wonderful marriage and I had great role models in both of them. I love and miss her very much !
It is unfortunate that the injustice that followed left my father and I unable to properly grieve.
I was just 20 years old in 1990 when my step-mother died after mishandling a gun. Little did I know but the nightmare would not ever end. Not yet anyway.
My father was convicted on circumstantial evidence. Based on police and prosecutor corruption the skilled prosecutor's were able to convince a jury to convict. I know many people will take that the wrong way. " I was framed". What many fail to understand is that this happens more than you might think it does !
Please don't take my word for it visit my website at here. You will see all the documentation of destroyed crime scene photo's, altered gunshot residue test and expert witness testimony 100% exonerating my father !
My father's case was reversed in May of 2005. After the trial judge was presented with 2 experts witness's testimony that my father could not have shot my step-mother.
Mathematically and physically impossible !
She overturned her own case. 14 years later !
You might be asking yourself then why is he still in prison ?
That is were this case should shock and disturb everybody that reads my website.
After the trial judge overturned her own case and wrote that my father would have never been convicted with a proper trial the prosecutors had it thrown by the appeals court saying that she did not have the authority to re-open his case so her findings that an innocent man is in prison are moot !
What's more unbelievable is that these same prosecutor's offered my dad an Alford plea and his freedom if he would plead guilty.
After 14 years in prison and before the judge overturned the conviction my dad absolutely refused to consider the plea. I ask you what guilty man would turn down his freedom ? None. Most innocent men with less courage would have taken that offer !
As of January of 2008 a proven innocent man remains in a Missouri prison. Please take the time to click on my website Here and see the proof for yourself. The Kansas City Star articles about my father and I can be read there. As well as the billboard that I purchased in downtown Kansas City in my attempt to bring awareness to this injustice.

Cliff Middleton

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