Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Red Tape Not Bars Keeping The Innocent In Jail

It’s a very sad thought that red tape, and not bars, could be keeping the innocent in jail. It is also sad that we do not hear these stories on our local and national news programs.
Via USA Today:Via USA Today
Since 2006, the Justice Department has yet to spend any of the $8 million set aside by Congress for DNA tests for convicts to prove their innocence while it has used $214 million to collect DNA from convicted criminals and improve crime labs, records show.
"DNA evidence is such a powerful tool in proving guilt or innocence that it's inexcusable not to use it," says Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the chief sponsor of a bill to provide more funding for what is known as innocence testing. If spent, the $8 million could affect dozens of cases, says Barry Scheck, a defense lawyer who specializes in using DNA to overturn convictions.
The article goes on to explain that rules imposed by Congress on how the money can be spent, make getting at the funds almost impossible

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Staci Rose said...

It's the same red tape that holds up justice for many - social security, health benefits, disability, medicare, safety for battered women and their families.

It's amazing how much red tape our governments use...