Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dennis Fritz Being Sued By The Prosecutor Who Put Him Behind Bars Video Of Story Here

Dennis Fritz Video The Kansas City News Channel Video click here KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local man who spent 11 years in an Oklahoma prison for a murder he did not commit is now being sued by the prosecutor who put him behind bars.
Dennis Fritz was exonerated in 1999. Last year, Fritz published a book called "Journey Toward Justice" about his experience. The book pulled no punches about the prosecutor in his case, KMBC's Martin Augustine reported.
But the prosecutor said Fritz got it wrong, and is taking him to court again for libel. Watch Dennis Fritz tell his story

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James said...

I just watched this video clip and can not believe it, unreal! I just finished reading Dennis Fritz's book, Journey Toward Justice and felt his pain as a father myself, with a daughter. He missed 11special years away in a jail cell from his daughter and the prosecutor who put him wrongfully behind bars is suing him. How can this all happen? What is so wrong with our Justice system? I do not believe in the death penalty after reading Dennis Fritz's story. He was saved from the death penalty by one juror vote,who believed he was innocent.