Monday, September 3, 2007

Worlds Oldest Blogger

I have a blog called "Barbara's Journey Toward Justice". My main issues are, wrongful convictions, death penalty, the innocence project, criminal justice system and faith. This story will be filed under faith. As a baby boomer and a blogger, I found this story amazing.
Two quotes come to my mind here. They are:
"You're never too old to become young" - Mae West and
"You are never too old to read and love"- Dr. Seuss

A Spanish great-grandmother has gained an international following, gaining more than a third of a million hits on her blog. Amelia López is against nursing homes and just sitting around waiting to die. She wonders why nursing homes don't provide Internet access.
"You have to live life," the silver-haired blogger said in her most recent post. "Not sit around in an armchair waiting for death."
Among her chief hates are old people's homes, which she criticises for drugging their clients so they spend their final days snoozing quietly in front of the television
"Internet has given me a new lease of life, but I don't see any old people's homes offering their residents Internet," she said.

Here is a story from
Source: guardian
She is billed as the world's oldest blogger. At 95 years old and with a worldwide following that has seen more than 340,000 hits on her blog, Spaniard María Amelia López has achieved the kind of status that millions of younger internet chroniclers can only dream of.
López, who was introduced to the world of blogging by one of her grandchildren just eight months ago, has become such a global hit that she receives posts in languages as strange and impossible for her to understand as Russian, Japanese and Arabic.
"My name is Amelia and I was born in Muxía (A Coruña - Spain) on December the 23rd of 1911," she wrote as her first post on "Today it's my birthday and my grandson, who is very stingy, gave me a blog."
With a mix of humour, warmth, optimism, nostalgia and feisty outbursts of leftwing polemic, she has won a regular readership of people keen to find out just what this Spanish great-grandmother is going to say or do next.

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