Thursday, September 13, 2007

Innocent - An Operation of Support For The Wrongly Convicted

Innocent ! An Operation of Support For The Wrongly Convicted. Please visit their website Innocent ! HERE
This is from their site;

Our Purpose - Response One of our purposes is to respond to every request for assistance. We may not be able to actually provide that assistance, but we will do our level best to find help for any inmate, any inmates family member, or any acquaintance of an inmate, and do it promptly!
We do our best to keep abreast of all services available to inmates in every state. This includes not only legal services, such as Innocence Projects, but other services that may be provided by religious and/or support groups.
Most of this information is available at our second web site:
In addition to sending the inquirer to that site, we also check our files for any updates, and promptly respond with a personal letter.
If the letter indicates special needs, such as medical attention for an inmate, we attempt to find some one or some agency that can at least respond.

Grass-roots Support
For that inmate whose case has been accepted by a member of the national Innocence Network, we offer assistance in numerous areas, including:
serving as a liaison between the inmate and the legal team,
helping family and friends to establish an email information network, helping supporters to organize a citizens committee,providing expertise in how to work with local area media,helping to attract the attention of celebrities like Dr. Rubin Hurricane Carter,providing advice on the getting local attention with the use of
billboards,press conference,fund-raisers,government body resolutions,outdoor demonstrations,teaching how to enlist the aid of local churches and the clergy
instructions on how to organize a letter-to-the-editor campaign and even more!

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