Thursday, September 13, 2007

Death Penalty Not Cheaper Than Life In Prison

According to New Yorkers Against The Death Penalty, The Death Penalty cost a great deal more than life in prison.
"Elimination of the death penalty [in California] would result in a net savings to the state of at least tens of millions of dollars annually, and a net savings to local governments in the millions to tens of millions of dollars on a statewide basis." (Joint Legislative Budget Committee of the California Legislature, 09/9/99)
Total cost of death penalty is 38% greater than total cost of life without parole sentences. (Indiana Criminal Law Study Commission, January 10, 2002)

Since its return to New York in 1995, $160 million has been spent. The New York Daily News estimates that before the first execution takes place, $238 million will be spent.
In addition to the funds required to try death penalty cases, the New York Department of Correctional Services spent $1.3 million to construct New York's 12-inmate death row and pays nearly $300,000 per year to guard the unit. (New York Law Journal, April 30, 2002)
NYADP advocates that the money spent on the death penalty should be spent on crime prevention programs and victims’ assistance programs, both of which are severely under-funded.

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