Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ron Williamson Exonerated and Released April 1999 From The Innocence Project

Ron Williamson
Time Served: 11 years
Outcome: Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz were exonerated and released in April 1999

Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz were convicted in 1988 of the murder of Debra Sue Carter in Oklahoma. Her body had been found six years earlier. Fritz was sentenced to life in prison. Williamson -- whose story is the focus of John Grisham's "The Innocent Man" -- was sent to death row. The 21 year-old victim was found raped and murdered in her apartment after returning from her waitressing job. Fritz and Williamson were known to frequent the establishment where the victim worked. The prosecution presented evidence that the victim had previously complained to a friend that they "made her nervous." Williamson had been seen at the restaurant the night of the murder without Fritz. DNA testing revealed that neither Fritz nor Williamson deposited the sperm found in the victim. Further testing proved that none of the many hairs that were labeled "matches" belonged to them. The profile obtained from the semen evidence matched Glenn Gore, one of the state's witnesses at trial, who was later arrested. Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz were exonerated and released in April 1999. Williamson had, at one point, come within five days of execution. The two had been wrongfully incarcerated for eleven years.

Taken from The Innocence Project
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Lisa D. said...

I've just read THE INNOCENT MAN.

In one part, Ron questioned why he had been born. If he were here I would tell him what a difference his suffering has made in opening our eyes. I would tell him that he's an angel, and a hero.

Dennis Fritz is continuing to speak and make a difference, forging the first links of a chain that spreads to infinity for the improvement and prosperity of mankind and morality.
Now that's a hero!

If I can sign any petitions or be of any assistance whatsoever, please let me know.

Smiles Forever,