Saturday, April 28, 2007

Barbara's Journey Toward Justice Recommends Justice For The Innocent JFTI

I am meeting so many Great people on my Journey from all over the world. Today I received an email from a friend in Germany. They read my Blog and told me about this Wonderful Group and their website. I just had to Add and Share:
JUSTICE FOR THE INNOCENT (JFTI) is a non-profit organization established in Germany in August 2005 to fight for the lives of innocent men and women sentenced to death. We are a close group of dedicated supporters from all over the world who share the same goal. Among our members are family and friends of death row prisoners, former death row prisoners, human rights activists and those committed to the abolishment of the death penalty. JUSTICE FOR THE INNOCENT now has a U.S contact based in NY


Wonder Woman said...

It's great to see you fighting for a cause you believe in. It's amazing once you start, how many people you find that are enamored with the same cause. Communities all over the world have more power than most acknowledge.

Reformer said...

Do they have a website? If not, then maybe you could be their spokesperson!

Barbara's Journey Toward Justice said...

I have been getting many requests for their website. I just added it.
Thank You