Monday, April 23, 2007

Barbara's Journey Towards Justice Reviews 360Mission Website Join in For Our Families, Schools and Communities

This is a excellent site I found on My Journey. I made a post of it, with the hope of more people participating in for our families, schools and communities.

360 degrees Mission
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Even as the crime rate is dropping, the criminal justice system continues to grow. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, there will be 30 new federal prisons built over the next 7 years. Throughout this unprecedented growth, there have been few opportunities for critical examination of what is working and what isn't. It is our hope that this site will challenge your perceptions about who is in prison today and why. We also hope that it will generate ideas, big and small, about how we can reduce crime and strengthen our communities without continuing this unprecedented rate of incarceration.
Over the next two years, we are continuing to work with educators and students to develop local dialogues in schools and communities. We will be partnering with radio producers and journalists across the country to tell stories about how crime and incarceration affects not just the people who are directly involved, but whole families and communities.
They have a direct link to add new stories and updates.

About The Story Link

From 360dgress Mission:

Over the past year, we have been collecting the stories of inmates, correctional officers, lawyers, judges, parole officers, parents, victims, and others whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system. In tandem with a new series on National Public Radio, Prison Diaries, we've conducted interviews and given inmates and officers tape recorders so they could keep audio diaries of their experiences in prison.
Each story is focused around a specific case and is told from the perspectives of the people involved. As you listen to the stories, you can explore each speaker's personal space by navigating 360 degrees -up, down, and around-prison cells, offices, judges' chambers, and living rooms.

To address many of the issues affecting our nation's growing prison population, we will add new stories throughout the year. Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often.

You will need the QuickTime plug-in to view the panoramic photos.


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