Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dennis Fritz, "The Innocent Man" and John Grisham's Real Life, "Appeal"

This story is just unbelievable. A libel lawsuit against Dennis Fritz, author of Journey Toward Justice and author, John Grisham headed to court of appeals. An Oklahoma federal judge's dismissal of a libel lawsuit against:

• John Grisham, author of “The Innocent Man.”
• Robert Mayer, author of “The Dreams of Ada.”
• Dennis Fritz, the author of “Journey Toward Justice.”
• Barry Scheck, one of Fritz’s lawyers who helped exonerate him, and a co-author of “Actual Innocence,” that discusses the case of Williamson and Fritz.
• The Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, publisher of “The Innocent Man” and “Actual Innocence.”
• Random House Inc., which owns Doubleday Dell.
•Broadway Books, publisher of “The Dreams of Ada.
• Seven Locks Press and/or James C. Riordan, publisher of “Journey Toward Justice”, is on its way to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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DA Bill Peterson Suing The Innocent Man Dennis Fritz For Emotional Distress Oct.2007

MORE Case Dismissed Sept.18,2008
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