Thursday, September 25, 2008

Johnnie Lee Savory - Falsely Accused, Unjustly Convicted: A Child's Story

Let me tell you about Johnnie's story.

In 1977, when Johnnie Lee Savory was 14, he was falsely accused and unjustly convicted for killing his best friend and his best friend's sister in their hometown of Peoria, Illinois.
With the help of Northwestern University's Center on Wrongful Convictions, he was paroled and released in late 2006, after spending 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Since Johnnie's release from prison, he has organized a broad coalition of support from some of the most influential and respected lawyers and legal minds in the country. Including John Grisham, - see my post - Sunday, January 27, 2008
"John Grisham Seeks Governor's Aid In DNA-Test Request For Man Convicted Of Double-Murder", click HERE .

Though a free man today, society still considers Savory an ex-felon, which is why he is asking Governor Rod Blagojevich to order DNA testing of the evidence that was used to convict him.

With nothing to personally gain, Johnnie's supporters all agree that his case from start to finish was grossly mishandled, and that the evidence used to convict him demands DNA testing.

Johnnie has started a campaign called Justice for Savory to shine a light on this injustice.

The campaign includes a blog, which you can find here:
Here's the url to Johnnie's youtube channel:

On the youtube channel, they just posted a youtube video by Rob Warden, the executive director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions. In the video, Mr. Warden explains why Johnnie's case demands DNA testing and addresses why Lyons is afraid of the truth. Here's the link to the video:

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