Monday, February 9, 2009


Dennis Fritz, one of the two main characters in John Grisham’s, The Innocent Man, was invited by Professor David Culp, to speak at Lasalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 22, 2008
After landing at the airport, Mr. Fritz headed for the historic, Chestnut Hill Hotel, located in Chesthill, Pa. on Germantown Avenue—which is noted for it’s cobblestone brick streets and giant, historical mansions.

The age of the hotel itself, dates back to 1684; radiating its alluring charm and wealth of age-less secrets.
With the smell of late fall permeating through the crisp, afternoon air, Dennis exited the cab and checked into the hotel—with a surge of tingling excitement budding within. This was yet another opportunity for Dennis to tell his electrifying story to the gathered group of law professors and students at the Lasalle University. Mr. Fritz has continuously traveled throughout the country— at many different Law Universities—to bring about the much- needed greater awareness of wrongful convictions.

Following Mr. Fritz’s wrongful conviction of First Degree Capital Murder ( in which he had spent 12 painful years on a life sentence, before being released upon the strength of DNA evidence ), Dennis had the strength and courage to write his own book, entitled Journey Toward Justice. Dennis’ co-companion book— to that of Grisham’s, The Innocent Man— literally rocked the legal world as to their unfolding descriptions, of the devastating injustices that occurred in the murder cases against himself and his co-defendant, Ronald Williamson.

All ears and eyes hinged upon every word that Mr. Fritz described, about his horrifying case circumstances, at the Lasalle speaking engagement.

At the close of Mr. Fritz’s talk, everyone was emotionally moved—as to the out-right, grave details that had been painfully expressed by Mr. Fritz. Upon departing, everyone left with a much greater awareness, of the extreme legal injustices that had occurred in Mr. Fritz’s wrongful conviction.
In all, Dennis was so thankful that he had gotten another opportunity to tell his whole story—in bringing about the truth, in attempting to prevent, yet another false conviction.

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