Saturday, December 20, 2008


Kevin Lowry, ( head of the U.S. Pardon and Probation Department ), and Darren Kearns ( a higher level case Manager with the Minnesota Pardon and Probation ), extended an honored invitation to Dennis Fritz, to be the key-note speaker at the Department’s annual conference— at the Cragun’s Lodge and Resort on the Gull Lake, on September 24 and 25th of 2008.

Upon Dennis’ arrival, the Pardon and Probation officials gathered for an entertaining get together, shortly before a scheduled dinner event at the very popular Hotel. Everyone was so excited and ready to commence with the upcoming, numerous activities planned for the advancement of innovative ideas— whereby accomplishing their desired goals for future accomplishments within their well-organized Department expectations.

That evening, a beautiful display of fireworks illuminated the sky, commemorating everyone’s hard work and devotion, of having made past and present improvements within the Department. It was a night to remember, as everyone relaxed and visited with each other during the lengthy firework display.

Dennis intermingled with each of the attendees and made many new acquaintances and friends.
The following day was filled with a business-like atmosphere—in getting ready for the finality of the day’s agenda. Following a deliciously prepared lunch, everyone anxiously awaited the key-note presentation of Dennis Fritz.

All eyes were glued upon him as he took the podium and shared his horror-filled ( of having been falsely incarcerated for 12 years for 1st Degree Murder ) story with over a 100+ Pardon and Probation officers.

Mr. Fritz explained to the group that he was one of the two main characters in John Grisham’s, The Innocence Man. Mr. Fritz explained that his recently written book, Journey Toward Justice, was the celebrated, co-companion book to Grisham’s The Innocent Man. Being a true advocate of Justice, Dennis related to the group about the many problems that occur in prison, and of all the factors that cause a released inmate to return to prison. The assemble group showed great anticipation as to each and every description Mr. Fritz brought forth.

Following his talk, Dennis signed books and visited with everyone who wanted to talk with him—on a one-to-one basis. All in all, the conference was a huge success— that brought forth a much greater understanding and awareness— of the underlying causes associated with the recidivism rates of inmates returning to prison. Throughout the two day event, a wonderful and lasting partnership was made between Mr. Fritz and the attending U.S. Pardon and Probation members. Each of them had great respect and admiration for their united efforts in making the needed changes in the current system.

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