Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dennis Fritz Speaks At The National Association of Legal Secretaries Regional Conference

Dennis Fritz ( Author of Journey Toward Justice ), and Jay Swearingen ( Executive Director of the Midwestern Innocence Project ), were selected among other invited guests, to speak at the 6th annual NALS ( National Association of Legal Secretaries ) regional conference, in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conference started off with a bang, as Jay Swearingen gave his power point presentation to over 60 female professional secretaries. Jay is an excellent speaker, who captured everyones attention, concerning the overall duties and responsibilities of the Midwestern Innocence Project.

The special guest speaker, Dennis Fritz, took the microphone and told his harrowing story of having spent 12 long, nightmarish years in an Oklahoma penitentiary for being falsely convicted of 1st Degree Capital Murder. The viewing audience was overwhelmed by his detailed description of the sheer madness that he and his family suffered through. Mr. Fritz has now become the leading speaker in the nation on wrongful convictions. His easy-going and mild-manner personality, conveyed the horrendous amounts of injustice from being in a nightmare out of hell.

Following a thunderous round of applause, Mr. Fritz autographed copies of his book,
Journey Toward Justice while visiting with each and every attendee in the group. Dennis Fritz and John Grisham travel around the country doing fundraisers for several Innocence Projects throughout the U.S. Dennis is one of the two main characters in Johns 1st non-fiction book, The Innocent Man. Dennis always says, "that it is such a great pleasure and honor to share his story, to bring about a much-needed greater awareness as to the impact of false convictions.

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