Sunday, April 20, 2008


Dennis Fritz, Author of Journey Toward Justice,arrived in Vermillion, South Dakota, to share his nightmare-out-of-hell story, of the unjust and wrongful conviction for 1st Degree Capital Murder— that he had to suffer for 12 grueling years before justice finally prevailed.
April 7, 2008,
Upon entering the South Dakota Law School, Dennis was warmly greeted with open arms by the entirely of the Innocence Project staff members, and students. After refreshments and pictures, Dennis was escorted to the Courtroom forum, where a crowd of over 200 people awaited his presence. The air was filled with anticipation and electricity as Mr. Fritz took his seat, before being introduced by the President, Emily Sippel, of the South Dakota, Innocence Project.

In his casual style and deliberate manner, Dennis quickly gained everyone’s attention as he started describing the horrifying events of his crucifying, wrongful conviction. You could not hear a pin drop, as Dennis talked about those very painful years in prison, and how he mentally and emotionally overcame all obstacles— to achieve his long, sought-after freedom.

Dennis spoke of his daughter, mother, and aunt, who stood by him throughout the on-going nightmare. While pointing upward, Dennis gave full credit to the Lord for pulling him out of the gates of hell. With a big smile, and tears in his eyes, Dennis loudly announced, “I am a free man!
Every day when I wake up and open my eyes, I fully realize that the most precious gift in life, itself, is our FREEDOM.” Throughout the entirely of Dennis’ presentation, the audience sat on the edge of their seats, listening to his sad, and tragic story.
At times, you could hear a restrained, muffled cough from someone in the awe-struck audience, who was trying to hold back their tears and utter sorrow— for Mr. Fritz’s painful plight in regaining his freedom.

At the end of his presentation, Dennis revealed how the real killer, Glen Gore, was brought to justice through the same DNA testing that freed him and his co-defendant, Ronnie Williamson.

Both Dennis’ and Ronnie’s story was also told by John Grisham, in his book, ‘The Innocent Man’—which is now being produced into a major motion picture. Dennis’ Journey Toward Justice, is still unfolding itself, in the form of his efforts to unite with Innocence Projects and law schools, in bringing about the much-needed greater awareness, of preventing and rectifying wrongful convictions.
Dennis is now a certified board member with the Midwestern Innocence Project, in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Western Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

In his own words, Dennis said that, “I have such fond memories of the people— and their cause— at the South Dakota Innocence Project, where I will always feel welcome, and a true part of
their motivation and dedication. Thank you, so much for your constant efforts in seeking the truth!”
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