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Karl Fontenot and Tommy Ward Deserve Attention and Need Help - Contact Their Attorney Here With Information or Tips

After reading a Statement from John Grisham below, I felt a need to help Karl and Tommy. Authors of blogs and websites, please pass this information along.
"Never doubt that a small group of bloggers, the internet and concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it has." Quote Barbara Owens - Barbara's Journey Toward Justice

Statement of John Grisham
"It is an intriguing and horrifying story: the story of the dream that got Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot convicted.

Karl and Tommy deserve attention and help.

I encourage anyone with any information about this case to send it to their attorney.

It is important to learn from this nightmare. It is also important that this nightmare somehow be unraveled."

Contact The Attorney for Ward and Fontenot

End of Statement

This is from Ward and Fontenot website;


Persons with information about the Denice Haraway homicide may send e-mail to:
barrettlawoffice at gmail.com
Or write to:

Mark Barrett, Attorney
P.O. Box 896
Norman, Oklahoma 73070

We are looking for anything that could help prove who is responsible for the death.
Assume that whatever you know or have heard is important. In particular, we are hoping to hear from people who, in 1984, lived near the place where the body was found.
Haraway’s body was found in Hughes County, far from anyplace that was searched. A remote area twenty-five miles east of Ada. Oklahoma

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot were convicted of murdering Denise Haraway. Haraway, 24, worked part-time at McAnally’s convenience store in Ada, Oklahoma. She was last seen leaving the store on April 28, 1984, with a man who had his arm around her waist. The two appeared to be a pair of lovers. The store was found deserted with the cash register drawer opened and emptied. Haraway’s purse and driver’s license were found inside, and her car nearby.

Months later, after Haraway still remained missing, police questioned Tommy Ward, who resembled the man accompanying Haraway from the store. After days of interrogation, Ward confessed to the crime. He also implicated his friend, Karl Fontenot, and Odell Titsworth, a man he never met. During the videotaped confession, Ward frequently forgot Titsworth’s name and called him “Titsdale.” Ward said the three gang-raped Haraway, murdered her with Titsworth’s knife, and dumped her body near Sandy Creek.

Fontenot was soon arrested and confessed after only two hours of interrogation. His confession was similar to Ward’s but contradicted it many details, like the order in which the three raped Haraway, or the location and number of stab wounds on her. Fontenot said the three brought Haraway into an abandoned house, where Titsworth poured gasoline over her body and burned down the house. Ward had mentioned a burned down house in an earlier unrecorded confession, and police knew it existed.

Titsworth was arrested, but he had broken his arm two days before the murder in a fight with police. Medical and police records made him an unlikely suspect, and he was never charged with murder. While police were sifting through the remains of the burned down house, the owner appeared. After police told him of Fontenot’s confession, the owner said Fontenot’s story was impossible, as he himself had burned down the house 10 months before the murder.

At trial, the prosecutor presented the confessions and was forced into the position of telling the jury the defendants were lying about details while asking the jury to believe them anyway. Two jailhouse informants supplemented the confessions. One said Ward confessed, while the other said he overheard Fontenot talking to himself, saying, “I knew we’d get caught. I knew we’d get caught.” The jurors returned with guilty verdicts and death penalties.

Haraway’s body was found four month’s later in Hughes County, far from anyplace that was searched. She had not been stabbed or burned, but died from a single gunshot to the head. END

Some Interesting Facts;
District Attorney William Peterson had another jailhouse informant whose testimony would cement the Ward and Fontenot case Terri Holland.
Terri Holland claimed she overheard Karl Fontenot confessing, just as she heard Ron Williamson confess. John Grisham wrote about Ron Williamson's story in "The Innocent
Man". You can also read about her in Dennis Fritz's Book "Journey Toward Justice". Terri Holland jailhouse informant provided testimony in 2 Ada Oklamhoma murder cases. Dennis Fritz and Ron Williamson Murder Case and Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot Murder Case.

Besides her testimony in 2 murder cases, District Attorney Peterson had to ask a jury to believe two confessions that contradicted one another in almost every way, and both indicated the involvement of a third man that the police department never saw fit to file charges against.Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot received death sentences.
Ward and Fontenot were retried, they both received life sentences.

William Peterson still serves as District Attorney for the City of Ada.

Persons with information about the Denice Haraway homicide may send e-mail to:


Anonymous said...

How is Peterson still working. This man should be put on trial for his horrendous actions

Joice said...

Just want to tell the world -

Lisa in NC said...

I read "Dreams Of Ada" when it first came out and again recently. I still feel the same way as I did then. Resonable doubt. These guys need to be released. Good luck

From Africa said...

While reading The Innocent Man by John Grisham I had too keep reminding myself that it was real and not fiction!! I cannot believe that a first world country can make this sort of mistakes!! Bill Patterson should spend the last of his days on death row and even that would not be enough justice. The most astonishing thing is even after all the attention the book had (even at international level) nobody is willing to review the case and set these men free. No wonder Hollywood makes such good movies, your justice system is an inspiration!!

english said...

what about the two police officers who used such illegal interogation practices? have they been punished?

anita from kc said...

after reading "The Innocent Man" I can not get my mind from Ron Williamson, Dennis Fritz,Tommy Ward, Karl Fontenot and Greg Wilhoit and their familes & wish all of them luck & wish Tommy Ward & Karl Fontenot to be released. How to some of the people involved in these cases face theirselves,is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

We live in a free country, but obviously we are not free to do certain things. Right? You can't murder who you want, you can't steal, and so on. But, correct me if I am wrong...are you not protected by the constitution freedom of speech? Larry Flint had some pretty good lawyers, and watching: The People vs. Larry Flint makes me wonder. If you can use the freedom of speech ammendment to give you the right to publish porno...can you not use it to talk about your dreams? Does Tommie's defense really need to have the case solved, or a really good argument brought that it is a freedom of speech violation to talk about your dreams? Given that he waved the miranda rights...anything you say, can and will be used against you....STOP Think

I am going to pretend I am Tommy:

Okay I had a dream, no defense lawyer present, but I am talking about a dream, and I told you it was a dream....and when you twisted my words (my speech}, what I say is no longer protected, I am silenced. I lost my freedom to explain, I lost my freedom of speech, as a matter of fact I lost all my freedom and now I sit in jail cause of it. I lost my freedom because of what I spoke, my speech.

Larry Flint won, was he really speaking? He was printing porno. "Only in America"
So it is the land of the free...unless you want to talk about a dream. Supreme court justices are not stupid, if the evidence is truly as John Grisham's book points out, they will know. Isn't the real challenge figuring out how to phrase the argument in a manner the supreme court will take the case?

As an American, I am deeply troubled about this, because although I would like to think I am a tad bit brighter than old Tommy, I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I am thinking, this could happen to me or someone I love or like a little. Therefore it has to be unjust. Therefore, MY supreme court needs to rule on it.

If Larry Flint can do it! Maybe someone should write Larry...he might want a sequel. "Larry Flint backs Tommy just to take on freedom one more time." Maybe he could put a Tommy slot machine in one of his casino's and donate the proceedings to his case. I think it appropriate because it seems that justice is very much like gambling and perhaps, I really hate to be this cynical, justice is like porno. I will end this, by having you contemplate what I mean by this.

Courtney said...

i cant believe the things that go wrong in this country. i also had to sit there and think that this was actually a true book and these men are actually still in jail. i cant believe our system has failed people this way. i only wish that there was something i could do to help. may someone find a way to get these men out of jail so that they are at least free to live the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

What about Dennis Haraway? They found her body...is there no contact with what gun was used, and did Tommy or Karl ever own such a gun? Has anyone gone back to the body and taken DNA from that? Was she indeed raped? Or was she just killed? Things just don't line up either way you look at it! I can't believe that all of these years later, these two men are still in jail or a crime that was NOT completely beyond the reason of a doubt that they committed it. The fact is there is TOO much doubt......
I just finished reading The Innocent Man myself and I think our criminal system is a shame. They harshly punish those who are innocent and don't punish enough those who have committed the worst crimed of all. Look at how fast they convicted these men, and Williamson and Fritz, while when Gore was sentenced, he is still living in prison for a crime he where the evidence is compltelely foolproof that he did it!! He is the one who should be sitting in the death chamber.
I am so glad thought that the other men were exonerated...now how about Karl & Tommy? Has the Innocent project looked into their case? Or have their cases just been continually turned down? Is there any way to get Judge Sealy in to give them an appeal? I just don't see how their case could be so overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. Mr. Ward and Mr. Fontenot, my biggest apologies, you guys need to be released. How is this possible that a non-partisan judge or jury could possibly convict these men in 1987, let alone now! Why has this question not been raised in the bowels of the Oklahoma judiciary system. It would be worth it to become a member of the state's system, just to bring up this question. For no reason should two completely inncocent men spend over 20 years in jail. I wonder if the prisoners could file suit against Bill Peterson and the state of Oklahoma, in another state. My god, how can Peterson show his face in public? 4 inncocent men in prison!

Joice Tommy Wards Sister said...

I was reading the blog today and what to comment on the last comment,asking about them finding Miss Haraway and about her being shot. No Tommy did not own a gun nor a car or truck this fact never came out in court. Anyone who testified for Tommy or Carl was made out to be liars. The person who made up the line justice for all never lived in Ada.

Bruce said...
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Anonymous said...

Where was Gore on the night that this abduction took place. He lived in ADA and was known for his lust for beautiful women and of course the brutal way he treated them.

Anonymous said...

I just read this book and before this The Innocent Man by John Grisham and have to say that I am sickened that this could happen in this country in this day and age. I notice the copyright date on the book Dreams of Ada is about 1987, so it has been known for a while that these two men are innocent and nothing has happened? Was their new trial in Ada? If it was, what were people thinking? I am grateful that I live in New York and hopefully this kind of thing wouldn't happen here...we wouldn't let it. Where are your petitions and your demonstrations????Write to your Congresspeople.....EVERYDAY!!!!! I hope you two men hang in there. I can't imagine your pain.

joice said...

yes they had a second trial but what good it did. the second trial was in the other county in witch peterson controlled. and yes he did controll it. the same juge. my brother never had a fair trial. for some reason the lawyers never let tommy testify for himself. and they used my husbands testimony and turned it around. which during the time he was suffering from hepatitis and didn't even know what he testified about. They took a very ill man and made it look like he was for peterson. He was running a fever of 104 and didn't even remember what he said during the questioning. Immediately after his testimony he was hospitalized with advanced hepititus c and spent two weeks in the hospital. He still doesn't remember what transpired at the trial.
joice cavins, Tommy's sister

Anonymous said...

Hello Joice, I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to see your brother in jail for 25 years for something he didn't do. It is so glaringly obvious that they didn't do it. I read in another post somewhere that DA Petersen is trying to sue John Grisham for what he considers "factual errors" in his book. I wonder if he is going to sue Robert Mayer too since he wrote The Dreams of Ada 21 years ago and came to some of the same conclusions. Anyway, I don't usually post comments because I have a young daughter and don't really have a lot of time, but I have been reading up a bit on some postings on the internet about the situation because honestly it sickens it me. If you can, try to write to your congressman and mail him both books, The Dreams of Ada and the Innocent Man. Hopefully, if he has any decency of character, he will at least head you in the right direction of what to do next. It's probably no consolation but usually "what goes around comes around in life...and Mr. Petersen will have to pay a price for what he has done. As I said, I usually don't post, so I probably won't again but I hope everything works out for your family. God Bless.... Anonymous in New York.

ronaldo said...

just read innocent man then had to read dreams of ada,finding it hard to sleep thinking that peterson is still the D.A.he`s bumbled other cases as well.surely he has to answer to someone ,the whole thing stinks tommy and karl should be released at once. the whole county is currupt to the core.(police,judges etc)in england we get potitions on the net, get as many names on them in support, send them of to prime minister and he has to answer them.tommys family never give in spread the word far and wide someone will answer thier prayers,you should be proud of the support you have given him,i would be happy to have you as part of my family.keep going.

Anonymous said...

Just read The Innocent Man on a plane back to LA from New York. I am an attorney in CA. It makes me sick how this has happened. EVen if the juries in ADA can't think for themselves, hte judge or someone higher up must overturn it now that we know that she wasnt' even stabbed as they said in the "confession"

Poor kids. I cant believe it

Vicki said...

I have recently read the Innocent Man and was absolutly disgusted by the lack of justice Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz encountered. As there was reference to Tommy and Karl I went on to read The Dreams of Ada and researched the case. I am horrified and deeply sad about how two young men can be accused of something that they are clearly innocent of. If I can see this from just researching their trial then I can not believe that jurors and solicitors were able to 'prove' their confessions true!!

I can not imagine how their family must feel and I desparatly hope that one day Peterson is proved to be a hypocrital lier as he is!!!

I live in England and will continue to share this story with all people I know to encouragage support for these men.

Joice Tommy Wards's Sister said...

I would like to say thank you to all the bloggers. You don't know how hard it is to know for a fact that someone is innocent of a crime and that there was NO WAY the person could have commited it. For the last 22 years I had no one to talk to about it. But thanks to Barbara's Journey Toward Justice. I know that there are people who care so, Thank You to everyone who writes on this blog. Your comments are appreciated by the Ward family. Thank You Again, Joice Cavins Tommy Ward's sister

Anonymous said...
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Cashmere said...

I just read The Innocent Man and like all other bloggers on this site, I was horrified.
Just wanted you to know that since the book got published in Denmark, everyone has been talking about both cases, and everyone finds it hard to believe.
To the ones fighting for them:
I hope you succeed.

daisy12769, Houston, TX said...

Words can not express the sorrow that I feel for Tommy and Karl.
They have spent all these years serving a life sentence for a crime that was indeed committed, but was not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they committed the crime. Instead, these young men were proven guilty on lies, hearsay from the up standing citizens of the jail house- "informants" and a dream. Whatever happen to obtaining physical evidence? Motive? Being place at the scene of a crime? Their rights were violated. Does the govenor of Oklahoma not care what happens to the citizens of his state? I guess NOT!
President Bush, why has he not been approached to pardon Tommy and Karl?
Is there a justice system?
My brother was murder 5 years ago and the man who shot him has not gone to trial why because he bonded out and ran. My mother died when I was 9 months old, my brother and I had such a terrible childhood. So, now I am without my mother and my dear brother. There is no justice system!
Just a system for the rich, greedy and power seekers.
I recently read an article in The Ada Evening News regarding Bill Peterson retirement and how he plans to spend more time with his family and grandkids. Isn't that so grand? He took lives from men for his pride and "The Dreams of Ada" and now he is being rewarded by spending time with family and enjoying life. Poor Tommy and Karl they were robbed of a life with a spouse, family, holidays! That really hurts my heart!
I can not imagine for the life of me why he remain the DA there in Ada and why he was not turned into bar, or how those two so call police officers that conducted the interrogation remained on the police force. They are a disgrace to the real Police officers of America. I can not imagine why a town would support them. Now, the stupid heads of police officers and the nasty Bill Peterson has file a lawsuit for slander against John Grisham..wow..ain't that the pot calling the kettle black!
I pray that Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot will be exonerated! I wonder how the detectives and Bill Peterson can stand to look at themselves in the mirror and sleep at night. They are men without integrity! What comes around goes around and they better thank God and pray everyday that their family members will never be accused of a crime they did not commit and if so, they better pray that they do not have a DA like Bill Peterson! Because they will be ****!

Anonymous said...

While reading John Grisham's "The Innocent Man", I was amazed at the level of creativity Grisham had, until I realized that this book was, in fact, non-fiction.

I am appalled and frightened that in today's modern society such injustice can occur. My heart goes out to Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot and their families. I was literally depressed all day just at the thought of going through the living hell they are experiencing.

I keep trying to express some kind of sympathy but keep deleting every word. Words are inadequate. I'm so sorry for what you are suffering through.

Anonymous said...

just read "the innocent man" and still can't believe it's about a real story!!peterson should be behind bars years ago.in fact he should have been shot!! i hope your totally blind and inadequate justice system will wake up and release Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot. they are SO innocent!! i can't believe these things happen in a free country!! i want to say to their families to keep trying and not lose their courage.. i can't even imagine what they have been through.. i 'll pray for these INNOCENT MEN and their families..

Anonymous said...

Like every one else, I have just finished reading John Grishams novel as I have read all of his others. My heart really went out to Ronnie's sisters and now departed parents for all that they had to endure, not to mention dennis's young daughter and mother.

When I got to the end of the book I found myself asking about Tommy and Karl, even looking through the reference pages to see if there had been any progress.

The only decent thing that has been done for these men is that they are no longer on death row, although this is probably little consolition to either them or their families.

All this corruption within the law from the people who are meant to be trusted is disgraceful. Peterson should at the very least been disbarred after the exhonerations.

My heart goes out to all of you, and to the families of the young lives that were taken.

Keep fighting tommy and karl!!

Julie, Hampshire, England

Anonymous said...

I never thought this kind of thing could happen in the U.S. I read John Grisham's book and I am FURIOUS that these two men are still in prison. Is there nothing that anyone can do? I think we should all get together and call the Governor, Senators, whomever and demand that they do something about this!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Dreams of Ada and my first thoughts are is Oklahoma a part of the US of America and its constitutution??? I am saddened first off for Karl and Tommie, not given much in life and walked on by the more powerful seekers of Justice and secondly for the Haraway family. After reading the book of which times I felt the author was way to kind to the Men of the Law. Face it Smith, Peterson, Judge Powell are total buffoons. The murderer of their daughter and probably many more inncent women (due to the above Buffoons) is running around Okie country free and clear. There is no reasonable human who in a right mind could read the evidence and think Tommie and Karl should have been convicted. what no gun???:::No truck????No fingerprints?? holes completely annihilating everything Karl and Tommie said on the tapes??We all watch CSI, the tactics are all the same ...dumb dudes get their ass shoved up into their throats and spew shit....Oklahomans believe it without asking any questions.

Denice Haraways killer is still loose and the Haraways should not rest in any peace on the laurels of injustice. I would not rest until the killer was found.

Turn this over to COLDCASE.

Bobbi said...

I too am appalled at our justice system, after reading The Innocent Man, my views have changed dramatically. I too believe this case should be turned over to COLDCASE. Whatever happened to the facts surrounding the Denice Haraway case? Good luck to Karl and Tommy and may they not have to spend the rest of what life they have behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Your right Joice, Tommy did not commit this crime, and he was set up. I knew the kid and I remember the day it happened like it was yesterday!!! People need to know that Bill Peterson is STILL in COMMAND, not in 1 county..but 3, that's right 3 Okla. Counties! He is a liar, and will do ANYTHING to make a case! God Bless you Joice, & Tommy!

Joice - Tommy Ward's Sister said...

I was reading a post that asked if we were still fighting for Tommy. My mother and all my brothers and sisters for the last 22 years have, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my brother. How can the state of Oklahoma keep him in prision for a crime he DID NOT commit, not only him but Karl also, because one thing I KNOW my brother was at home with me all that night. I do not care what Peterson says. I did not lie Tommy was at home and nothing can change that. I am not the lier Peterson is. - Joice Cavins Tommy Ward's Sister

Anonymous said...

After I read Grishom's Innocent Man I had to read Dreams of Ada which he repeatedly refered to. I read to the end anxious to see how Tommy and Karl were finally set free. I was shocked when the book ended with them in prison. That lead me to search online for the ending and I am now in shock that they, 22 years later, are still in prison. Where are they? Can money be sent for them? Are they still together? I am just sickened and so sad for them and for their families. Joice, I see you write o here. How did you feel about the books? Have you contacted the TV shows that do unsolved mysteries type shows? Has a show ever been done on them? So many unanswered questions on this. Did you get totestify during the second trial? Was it in a different county? One word, UNJUSTICE. Is that a word? It is all just so wrong.
Karen, Minnesota

Anonymous said...

I, too, just finished Grishom's An Innocent Man. As a citizen of Oklahoma, I am very aware of the "good 'ole boy" system of justice and it makes me sick. Please do not give up. Keep writing to the state representatives. Ben Sherrer is an attorney as well as a state representative and good man. May I suggest that you contact him? Tommy and Karl as well as their families are in my prayers.

Barbara's Journey Toward Justice said...
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Barbara's Journey Toward Justice said...

Persons with information about the Denice Haraway homicide may send e-mail to:

Anonymous said...

I just finished The Innocent Man and can not believe that Ada is a real city, that the prosecutor and police are anything but fiction. I am so sad for tommy, Karl, and Joice. This is not how I view our country and I hope somehow soon an appropriate power releases them.

Andrea said...

I am shocked, i have read "innocent man", "dreams of ada" and i am now reading Dennis Fritz's book. I find it incomprehensible that any of it actually happenend but more so that Tommy and Karl are still in prison. You see police corruption in many films but i never really thought about it happening for real, i cannot believe that Petterson still works, the man is a joke. It is both shocking and sad to me all that happened to Tommy and Karl, while i was reading the book i kept thinking well soon the police will realise that they are innocent and let them go, after i finished the book i googled to see what was happening with them now, i expected to find information that they had been free'd. I couldnt belive that they were still in prison. Awful. I wonder how people like Petterson sleep at night!

Susie said...

Can anyone give me info on how to write to Tommy?
I just finished reading Dreams of Ada.
This is the most insane case I have EVER read. I have read a lot of books too.
I would like to write to him, if nothing else, to help him pass the time and support him.

I am goign to get the John Grisham book tonight- I had no idea it existed and how can TWO different crimes involving "dream" confessions happen in such a small place!?

victoria said...

This goes out to joice and all the wards and karl. I just got done reading Dreams of Ada, it hits home for me. Like you my brother was taken from us and sent to prison over lying co-defendants,a judge that did not like the looks of him in her court room, and from not being from the right side of cleveland,ohio, having a few runins with the law, and from not having the best of childhoods.I lost my brother for 13 years over other peoples stupidity and our wonderful justice system! We never gave up on him, we decided to start writing to the parole board(now mind you that he got dealt a sentence of life without parole)and finally one day we got and answer that he would be coming up for parole in 12/08, we didn't know what to think,so we were able to talk to someone about it and they told us that there was no way he should still be here or have to stay any longer, and he really shouldn't have gotten as long as he did according to his crime! So needless to say his actual date of release was Feb.6 2009, 2 days later i traveled from West virginia where i live now to ohio and was able to hold my brother in my arms again and he was able to meet all 6 of my kids whom he had never seen before!I never thought i would see my brother in this lifetime again. So i want to encourage you all today and everyday that even when we think the worst had happened and we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel thats when something happens and then Gods truth shines through. Im reminded of what i was told as a child and it goes like this"be sure your sins will find you out" denise harraways true killer or killers are out there still getting to enjoy their freedom while 2 innocent boys take the blame and torture for them. Not for long though there are too many people tired of how the justice system treats the underdogs and with the help of us all helping tommy and karl we are about to turn over a new leaf, im sure of it, i can feel it! I would really like to be a friend to tommy and karl if there is any way that i would be able to write to them and befriend them with letters of encouragment and friendship i sure would like that and maybe they would to. I know my brother appreciated all the letters and pictures we sent him, you can never have too many friends or family. You are in my heart and in my prayers always!

janaralinn said...

I read Dreams of Ada many years ago and it has haunted me ever since. I find it so hard to believe those boys have been in prison all these years for a crime they didn't commit, it just makes me sick and breaks my heart.
Joice, I was so impressed with the support your family gave Tommy. I wish more families were like that. I'm wondering, has the Innocent Project looked into the case? I will keep Tommy and Karl and your families in my prayers and hope that justice will finally shine through!

Anonymous said...

Why did Tommy give three different answers as to his where abouts on the night of the murder??? Also, why dont the photos of him w/ short hair....provin by Polaroid Lab to be taken after March of '84 clear him outright????

Charee said...

I also was wondering if the Innocence Project had reviewed this case. It sounds like a perfect case for them. It horrifies me that Tommy and Karl are still in prison also, but I can believe it because my son was also conveicted of something he did not do. The DNA evidence proved his innocence but he still ended up convicted and in prison for four and a half years. If there is anything I can do to help, I will do it. I am a New York resident, so I do not know if it will do any good for me to write to the Oklahoma government, but I could write the federal government if it might help.

Anonymous said...

Two separate juries -- 24 people unrelated to law enforcement, the victim, the legal system; and questioned and agreed upon by defense counsel -- looked at the confession video. Each and every one of them found, in those words and faces, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Maybe they were all of them wrong. But maybe the bloggers on this site are wrong. Who had more to go on; and a greater burden of responsibility?

It's easy to jump on 'an innocent man' bandwagon -- probably makes one feel good about themselves in a self-righteous way (I sure get that from a lot of the comments). I bet it's a lot harder to spend weeks in a jury and have to listen to, and think about, what the accused SAID they did to Denice Haraway.

So maybe they just dreamed it; and confessed to a dream; separately; while smoking cigarettes and drinking cokes (or I guess only one actually had the dream, the other one was influenced by interrogators into describing his own role in the other one's dream murder?).

Anything's possible -- but in the absence of extreme mental incompetence or waterboarding, it sure sounds pretty lame to me.

Of course we could amend the Miranda text to include "I understand anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law -- NOT A MAKE-BELIEVE OR DREAM COURT BUT A REAL ACTUAL COURT OF LAW THAT CAN SEND ME TO REAL ACTUAL PRISON".

Here's the thing: I can conceive of the possibility that these men are innocent. Having read The Dreams of Ada, and re-read the confession transcripts, I doubt it -- but I can at least allow for the possibility. But I wonder how many others here can conceive of the POSSIBILITY of their guilt?

I think a real test of that will be to see if this comment is posted in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

I find this extremely upsetting. I finished both Dreams of Ada and The Innocent Man. DAs like Peterson should at the least be fired for his huge mistakes.Is there any logic left by people who blog like the bottom post? I was considering pre-law for a major and I can say that the evidence was very weak against the two. It should not have even been tried especially considering that the stories were conflicting in the most important details. If both were telling the truth. Titsworth was injured to the point that he could not possibly be involved. The most harrowing piece of eviedence and should have refuted the testimonies then and there was the fact the body was found with a bullet to the head outside of Ada. Cases like this makes me ill.

Lynne Strickland - South Carolina said...

To the poster (anonymous) that supposes that the bloggers are all wrong...If Peterson was involved in the same case that Williamson and Fritz were implicated and found guilty of murder in...why should we not question the severe lack of evidence? Did the jury not find Williamson/Fritz guilty beyond a reasonable doubt as well? Thank God, DNA evidence told the truth. There is no evidence for the Fontenot/Ward men. I can only suppose that the above blogger was part of the prosecution and wants to keep his name cleared for obvious reasons. I am praying that these two men are found innocent somehow and that the players involved are exposed to all of the US as frauds and liars and cheaters. I believe, in this life, that justice - i.e. real truth - will prevail and hopefully in the case of Fontenot/Ward....will set them free!

Anonymous said...

What this all boils down to is if you are famous and/or rich, you can get away with murder. Just ask O.J.! But, if you are just an ordinary joe and don't have a lot of money to get a fancy high priced lawyer, you can be found guilty of murder even if you don't have any arms or legs. This story just sickens me and makes me ashamed of our so called "JUSTICE" system.