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Dennis Fritz's Book Top Sellers List On Amazon

Journey Toward Justice on Amazon's Top Sellers List

" Journey Toward Justice " by Dennis Fritz - Publisher Seven Locks Press I can tell you about it, but I will show you what some critics say.
Praise For: Journey Toward Justice By: Dennis Fritz The story of the unwarranted prosecution and wrongful conviction of Dennis Fritz is compelling and fascinating. After serving eleven years for a murder he did not commit, Dennis was exonerated and had the strength and courage to put his life back together.
- John Grisham

There have been one hundred eighty-one post-conviction DNA exonerations in America . The exonerated and their families are the heart and soul of this movement. There is no more decent and dignified a man, nor a more gentle soul, than Dennis Fritz. He has had the fortitude to tell his whole story. As always, I am in awe of his courage and humbled by his efforts.
-Barry C. Scheck The Innocence Project

Overzealous prosecutors led justice astray as their lust for an unjustified conviction of two innocent men caused a bizarre nightmare to unfold and greatly affect the judicial integrity of our legal justice system.
- Judge Donald McCartin Retired Superior Court Judge The Hanging judge of Orange County , CA , who sentenced nine men to death row

Within the first pages of Journey Toward Justice , Dennis Fritz grabs the reader's attention. His vivid descriptions recall memories of a time when Ada was stunned by the brutal murder of a young woman. At last, Mr. Fritz tells his side of an event that changed his life and this small community forever.
-Brenda Tollett Ada Evening News

Riveting and provocative-a heartfelt journey about truth, determination and justice.-
StephanieEsposito Producer, Court TV documentary Stories of the Innocence Project: Broken Words

This heartbreaking and true story is a must-read for anyone interested in the perversion of justice.-
Alexandra Pelosi HBO Documentary Films Director Former NBC Dateline producer Attended exoneration

Dennis's book is simultaneously entertaining and horrifying. Journey Toward Justice is a story of great impact and great importance.
-Mark Barrett Defense Attorney

Nobody wants to believe our courts are capable of serious and tragic mistakes, let alone systemic corruption. But the evidence suggests that while most people in law enforcement operate decently, others repeatedly place conviction rates above justice. Journey Toward Justice , one innocent man's story, reads like a detective story, with numerous twists and turns, racing toward a conclusion. Not only does it offer an authentic sense of life in prison, it should serve as an admonition to anyone who serves on a jury: Take the "beyond a reasonable doubt" with deadly seriousness, and don't allow yourself to be railroaded.
- Alan W. Bock Senior Editorial Writer Orange County Register Author, Waiting to Inhale

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS! Dennis Fritz's "Journey" exposes serious potholes and detours in the convoluted road toward justice. It's an emotionally breathtaking ride you'll never forget.-
Don Lasseter True Crime Author

Journey Toward Justice clearly brings to fore the immense burden upon any civilized society to prove the guilt or innocence of its citizens beyond a reasonable doubt so that the framework of justice can prevail.-
Judge Issac Shimoni Vice President Central Court Jerusalem,Israel

Journey Toward Justice sheds a light on the grim reality that lurks in the shadows of the American justice system. This powerful saga spins a dramatic web of intrigue that is even more chilling because it is true. Were it not for Mr. Fritz's fortitude and the watchful work of The Innocence Project, this innocent man would still be rotting in jail.
-Margaret Burk Founder, Round Table WestThe largest book club on the West Coast

Journey Toward Justice is a classic example of how real life can be stranger and more frightening than fiction. Dennis Fritz's tale of the true life nightmare visited on him by often-times corrupt and other-times incompetent law enforcement officials will frighten the reader more than any novel can.
-Joseph BadalAuthor, The Pythagorean Solution , Terror Cell

"Journey Toward Justice" Memoir by Dennis Fritz - Seven Locks Press, Santa Ana, Ca
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